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Mapembasi Hydropower Project

Technical Problem: Electricity generation to supply nearby local villages and feeding the balance to the National Electricity Grid. Project Description: 10 MW small hydro-power project, developed by Mapembasi Hydro-power Company Limited. Technical Features: Capacity: 10 MW Technology: Small Hydro-power Construction: Run-off the ...

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Solar Energy and Thermal Power

Geographical Location: Tanzania A 5MW pilot plant unit is planned to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology under Tanzanian conditions before embarking into large scale solar thermal power plants to be installed. The project will demonstrate a)feasibility of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems in Tanzania. b)CSP to contribute ...

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Songwe River Integrated Power Project on 3 dams (330 MW) - Mbeya Region

Geographic Location: Tanzania and Malawi Description of Project: Through the setting up of 3 dams on the Songwe River, not only is the river stabilized during peak flood periods but also allows the setting up of hydro power, irrigation and water supply projects that will have a direct impact on the social and economic poverty reduction pol ...

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Scale Up Funding

Build additional production facilities in multiple countries for non carbonized biomass briquette production

Electricity Generation from Wind

Geographical Location: Tanzania The wind speed is more than 8m/s in the locality. The project intends to demonstrate wind power and heat generation from wind. Wind energy sources address very well the national energy objectives of diversifying energy sources. Hence, the technology project will go a long way to boosting the economy and reduc ...

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