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Efficient technologies are needed for the construction of Flood control Gabions and Dykes.

Water Pumps

1.Association pour la Gestion de Environment et le Developpement (AGED) is looking for financial and technical support specifically for the purchase of pumps, and reparation of wells for WASH projects conducted throughout Burkina Faso. In regards to technical support it would be training of the rural population on the reparation of pumps and impluv ...

Construction of underground water storage.

A technology that help store water underground for use in times of scarcity.

Investment opportunity for pipe water plant in China

Geographical Location: China A investment opportunity for pipe water plant in China. The project is aiming to build a plant that can process 100,000 ton water and two-pipe-project. Total investment needed is about 1.7 billion Chinese Yuan and current ask is 0.5 billion for 30% shares. Estimated annual revenue is about 0.54 billion under ful ...

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Leveraging Zambia's Irrigation Potential

Geographical Location: Zambia Technical Problem: Land available for cultivation is less. Hence need for land under irrigation. The project objective is to increase amount of land under irrigation in Zambia by 50,000 hectares, or 12 percent of the presently irrigable land over the next five years and to diversify the production of sm ...

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Bagamoyo Forest Project

Geographical Location: Tanzania Project Description: The nature of this project is the establishment of forest plantation for addressing climate change issues as well as to reduce land degradation and depletion of natural forest resources caused by increased rural and urban fuel wood consumption. Phase I of the project will incur both ...

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